Why a retractable roof is an excellent choice this winter

By October 13, 2022 October 21st, 2022 No Comments
retractable and tilting louvre roof

Now that we are nearing the winter season and beginning to feel the cold a lot more frequently, there is no better time to consider which products will help transform your outdoor space. Looking for a product that will keep you warm and sheltered? A structure that will add visual appeal to your property? At Designer Shade Solutions Ireland, pergola canopy specialists, we believe that we have the perfect resolution – retractable roof pergolas! These structures are highly weather resistant and can be used all year round, so they are a truly effective investment choice, as opposed to a single-use purchase. Allow us to shed some light on why these retractable roofs are the perfect option for your outdoor space this winter.   

Year-round weather protection   

The first and most important thing to note about our retractable roof pergolas is their distinct ability to adapt to the changing weather conditions, allowing you to feel sheltered and comfortable at all times. During the winter, when it is windy, rainy, and even snowy, you can close the retractable roof, and in the warmer months, you can easily open the roof up to enjoy the sunshine. Our structures are therefore multi-functional, as they can be used throughout every season, creating a unique investment piece.

With our retractable and tilting louvre roofs, you can even tilt your panelled roof to create an optimal level of shade, which is sometimes needed with the sun’s harsh rays (not that we can imagine that warm feeling now!). If you want a shading structure which allows you to feel like you are outdoors, without suffering from the winter cold, then a retractable roof pergola is for you. Many benefits come from being outside like reduced stress levels, breathing in the fresh air and embracing the surrounding scenery, and you can achieve each of these with one of our retractable roof pergolas!   

Commercial use   

As mentioned, retractable roofs are highly versatile structures that help to enhance a range of outdoor spaces, which is why they aren’t just great for residential buildings but commercial properties too! Maybe you own a restaurant with a large outdoor dining area which isn’t practical for customer use during the colder months. Instead of reducing your capacity size and losing out on a huge customer base, install a retractable fabric roof or our roof louvres and see the customers swarm in!    

With one of our modern retractable roofs, customers can sit outside and enjoy their meal all year round. This practical element combined with high visual appeal also helps to increase investment return, so it is a no-brainer for your business. As an example, take a look at one of our recent case studies where we installed a retractable fabric roof at the Dusk Restaurant in Brentwood. 

Customise your pergola   

At Designer Shade Solutions, we have thought of all the essential finishing touches to complete your retractable roof, so that it can be used even in the peak of winter. This includes adding custom features like integrated heating and vertical glass systems. The addition of heating obviously ensures that users are comfortable no matter the outside temperature and this is particularly effective for evening use. Similarly, our vertical glass systems, like the standard guillotine glass and the retractable glass windows and doors, help to protect from heavy winds and other extreme weather, providing an added layer of comfort. Many of our case studies have implemented these additional features to create a beautiful and effective solution, perfect for winter, summer, autumn, and spring.   

Install yours now   

It is clear to see that with one of our retractable roof pergolas, you can enjoy the winter like it’s the summer! Maximise the outdoor air, enjoy your alfresco meal or take in the surrounding views without feeling the cold. Then, in the summer, convert your roof to create an open sun trap, the possibilities are endless! If you’d like to find out more about these structures, contact us today and we can begin creating yours. We also have other products which will help to keep you warm this winter like our outdoor heating systems and our glass winter garden structures, don’t worry we’ve got you covered!