Which shading solution is best for your property?

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Retractable fabric roof pergola

At Designer Shade Solutions Ireland, we understand the importance of maximising your outdoor space. However, with our unpredictable weather, this isn’t always easy. After all, who really wants to sit outside when it’s pouring rain? That’s why we have created a variety of versatile shading structures that allow you to relax outside no matter the weather. We have an extensive range of products and sometimes it can be difficult to know which structure is best for you. Do you want a pergola in Northern Ireland? Perhaps you are looking for a retractable awning? Well, with this helpful guide you can find out more about our structures and begin creating your outdoor sanctuary! 

Retractable roof pergolas 

The best place to start is with our retractable roof pergolas, a popular option for year-round shading. These designs are highly innovative, using a retractable roof to protect from various weather conditions. You can open the roof when the sun is shining, close it to shelter from rain and with the retractable louvre roof, you can even tilt the slatted roof for optimum shade and comfort. We don’t want anything interfering with your outdoor relaxation and retractable roofs truly offer the perfect solution for this. Explore our designs such as the retractable fabric roof and retractable glass roof to find the right shading structure to suit your aesthetic. 

Retractable fabric awnings 

Next up is our selection of retractable fabric awnings, an excellent choice for shade over a patio, terrace, or balcony. Our awnings are made from a waterproof material, keeping users sheltered from the rain whilst also offering high UV protection when the sun is out. These structures can be implemented in either residential or commercial properties, but they are particularly effective for restaurants or cafes that are hoping to expand their alfresco dining experience. We have a large selection of awning designs including conservatory awnings, drop arm awnings and Markisolette awnings to name a few. 

External screen blinds 

Another efficient way to create shade and climate control is with our external blinds, which help to maintain the ideal room temperature. These blinds reduce sunlight’s penetration by up to 90% whilst still letting in natural daylight, so they are a perfect option to maintain comfortable temperatures in the summer months. In fact, our external blinds are proven to be three times more effective than internal blinds at regulating climate control. 

Bespoke options 

If you are still pondering on which shading structure to choose, then we have another option to offer – our bespoke services. At Designer Shade Solutions Ireland, we can customise your shading structures with heating, LED lighting or additional screens to add extra warmth and comfort. You can be in control when it comes to the design aspect of your retractable pergola or other structures, ensuring that we help to achieve your vision. Our advanced technology further enables you to operate your structures with radio-control systems, providing an even easier way to relax outside. 

Hopefully, this has sparked a few ideas for your outdoor sanctuary and you are now ready to install your perfect shading structure, like a pergola with retractable roof in Dublin. If this is the case, then get in contact with us today and begin enjoying your outdoor space all year round. You may also be interested in our other products such as our outdoor parasol umbrellas, custom tension fabric structures or commercial internal blinds