What are radio control systems?

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warema radio controls

At Designer Shade Solutions Ireland, we pride ourselves on creating modern and innovative shading systems which allow you to maximise your outdoor space, all year round. One way in which we achieve these futuristic designs is through our range of radio-control systems. These systems provide ease and accessibility when it comes to operating your retractable shading structures or helping with standalone building controls. How do they work? What do they do? Let’s delve in deeper and find out. 

The basics of radio control systems 

As mentioned, radio control systems are intended to help with the operation of retractable shading structures. This includes our products at Designer Shade Solutions, including retractable roof pergolas, retractable fabric awnings and external blinds. When synched with these structures, you can use the radio control systems to open or close your product, using additional features for added ease as well. Our radio systems are available in three different variations including the Somfy radio controls, Somfy building controls and the Warema radio controls, which can be used as wall switches or remote controls. 

Somfy radio controls 

Our Somfy radio control systems are ideal integrations for small-scale projects like retracting a cassette external blind with guide cables. As with all of the available radio controls at Designer Shade Solutions, our Somfy radio controls can be linked with timers, weather sensors, key locks or wi-fi for a simplistic operation. These features clearly have many benefits. For instance, weather sensors can be used to close your pergola with a retractable roof when it’s raining, or timers can be programmed to close your external blinds during peak sunlight hours when rays are glimmering through.  

Somfy building control systems 

Another available option is the Somfy building control systems which are designed for larger commercial projects like a retractable roof pergola outside a restaurant or hotel. These controls can be combined with building management systems including CBUS, Trend, KNX and simple controls like Zero Volt Dry Contact Solutions.  

Warema radio control systems 

The Warema radio control systems are intended for small to medium-sized projects. These systems can be integrated with solar controls, ensuring that an ambient temperature is maintained, and minimal sunlight glare occurs. Again, the additional features of wi-fi compatibility create an easy solution to operate your retractable product, whether you are present or not. 

Our radio control systems offer an effective solution when it comes to operating retractable shading structures. Our controls are excellent for hospitality or commercial outlets as they allow you to focus on running your business while these controls do the rest of the work, leaving customers happy and comfortable at all times. If you would like to combine radio controls to your awnings in Northern Ireland, your external blinds, or within your building, our team can help. Contact us today and we can find the right control for you, making outdoor shading that little bit easier