Ways to protect your outdoor furniture this winter

By November 29, 2022 No Comments
retractable roof pergola

During the winter months, many of us choose to hide away our garden furniture, leaving our outdoor space looking dull and lifeless. However, at Designer Shade Solutions Ireland, retractable roof specialists, we pride ourselves on creating beautiful outdoor structures that can be used all year round. This way, you can build a garden space to be proud of in every season. We’ve put together our top tips to keep your outdoor furniture protected this winter so that the vision of a stunning garden, is one step closer.  

Versatile shading structures  

Firstly, the most obvious way to keep your outdoor furniture protected, whilst still enjoying its use, is by implementing a shading system to create a protective shelter. This could include our retractable fabric awnings or our retractable roof pergolas like the retractable glass roofs, retractable louvre roofs or retractable fabric roofs. Each of our structures have been built using high-quality and innovative materials which provide year-round weather protection. The materials used in both our retractable pergolas and awnings offer exceptional wind resistance and waterproof protection, so they are ideal for keeping your garden furniture safe from weathering damage or harm.  

Not only this, but you can also integrate vertical glass systems within your retractable roof structure which helps to create a bespoke outdoor room, sheltering weather from all angles. So, why not consider working with our team to create a custom-made shading system that keeps your garden furniture protected no matter rain or shine?  

Keep furniture clean  

The next best way to keep your garden furniture protected and maximise its longevity is by cleaning these furnishings. Whether you are going to be using your garden furniture throughout the winter (with the help of our sheltering structures), or not, it is still important to keep it fresh and clean. We suggest putting washable fabric in the washing machine, wiping down other surfaces with hot soapy water or specialised cleaning products, and removing debris or old stains leftover from the summer BBQ!  

By taking the time and effort to clean and uplift your garden furniture, you can relax outside when desired whilst also ensuring that the minute the sun comes out in the new year, your outdoor space will be ready to enjoy.  

Store furniture in a safe space  

Although we work tirelessly to create shading structures that can be used all year round, we do understand that sometimes the last thing you want to do is brave the outdoors and that’s ok! You could think about finding a suitable storage box for your outdoor cushions and other external furnishings or you could even store your furniture away in a shed until you are ready to use it again.   

Our retractable roof pergolas can however be used as a suitable substitute for this shed, adding a practical and visually appealing aspect to your outdoor space. The Solaglide retractable glass roof has become a popular option for external pool covers, showing how our pergolas offer shelter for more than just furniture. This system protects you from the everchanging weather conditions, ensuring that you can enjoy swimming no matter the environment outside.   

Forward-thinking ideas  

These are just some of our best ideas to keep your outdoor furniture protected this winter, so hopefully, there is something here to inspire you! If you want a functional garden space, even on the coldest of days then Designer Shade Solutions have the answer. You could even integrate your outdoor retractable roof with external heating systems to increase the appeal of warmth and comfort. Call us today on +353 87334 7352 or email us at for more information.