Uplift your commercial space with a retractable awning

By October 24, 2022 No Comments
retractable fabric awning for commercial property

Retractable awnings make an excellent addition to your home garden, but have you thought about installing these shading systems in your commercial property? At Designer Shade Solutions Ireland, we create beautiful retractable awnings for several commercial locations like restaurants, hotels, retail outlets, wedding venues, offices and even more! Below, we have outlined how you can uplift your commercial property with a retractable awning.

Enhance your exterior  

Retractable awnings are ideal for external spaces as they offer versatile, multi-functional weather protection. Firstly, the retractable fabric awnings are highly wind-resistant, allowing users to relax under these structures, even on the windiest of days. Not only this but the fabric material used in our retractable awnings is both waterproof and UV resistant, supplying protection against sun and rain. This shows how our structures can offer shelter and comfort all year round, making them ideal for commercial outlets like restaurants, bars, and cafes.  

Adding to this, with a retractable awning you can entirely transform the appearance of your property. Our awnings are known for their visual appeal, as they come available in all RAL colours and can be customised to suit your specification. Whether you are looking for a green retractable awning, a square cassette folding arm awning or a retractable awning with integrated LED lighting, our team can help to create this. With your bespoke design, more customers will flood into your property, helping to boost revenue and increase investment return.   

Interior benefits  

Thankfully, our retractable awnings are highly advantageous for the interior of your property too. Perhaps you want to install a conservatory awning in your hotel? Well, with our innovative designs, you can utilise your conservatory awning to minimise sunlight glare, prevent furniture sun damage and even reduce energy costs. Since our conservatory awnings and conservatory zip awnings limit the amount of sunlight entering the building, you are less likely to need air conditioning units in the summer, saving a huge amount on energy costs.   

Further inspiration  

There is an endless list of possibilities when it comes to utilising your retractable awning. You could create an alfresco dining spot, a shelter for cars to park under or you could even use a retractable awning to create privacy in your property.   

Do you own a commercial property in need of some extra shade? Looking to add a beautiful modern touch to your outdoor space? Then it sounds like a retractable fabric awning is just what you need! We can install retractable awnings in Northern Ireland, Dublin, Limerick and many other areas throughout Ireland. Contact our team today to discuss your ideas or explore our other products including our retractable roofs for further outdoor shading inspiration.