Types of retractable louvre roofs

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Retractable and tilting louvre roof

Have you heard of a retractable louvre roof? These are modern and innovative shading structures which can adapt to any weather condition. They are made of a frame and panelled roof which tilts in accordance with the weather. So, when it’s raining you can shut the roof for shelter and in the sun, you can open the panels for maximum light and warmth or tilt the panels to create a comfortable shaded spot. There are countless benefits with these pergola roofs so let’s dissect and take a closer look at the different types and why they make an excellent addition to any property. 

How can I use my louvre roof? 

Louvre roofs are multi-functional and, with our bespoke services at Designer Shade Solutions Ireland, you can maximise the use of your retractable roof pergola making it your own. Firstly, retractable and tilting louvre roofs are bioclimatic so they can adapt to the weather either by trapping heat to create warmth or by opening to increase airflow. Install your retractable roof as a freestanding piece or attach it as an extension to your property depending on the space you have available and the design you are aiming for. 

You can even customise your pergola with our help! Do you have a certain colour palette in mind? No problem. At Designer Shade Solutions, our products come available in all RAL colours, so you are bound to match your structure with the theme of your property. We pride ourselves on creating structures that can be used all year round, which is why you have the option to integrate additional heating systems and side screens to your louvre roof, creating a cosy spot for the winter. 

Which louvre roof should I pick? 

Our louvre roofs make an excellent and versatile shading option for your property. But which louvre roof should you pick? We have three types of retractable and tilting louvre roofs available: frameless retractable louvre roofs, retractable louvre roofs with frame and retractable pitched louvre roofs. 

The frameless retractable louvre roof 

The frameless retractable louvre roof can be integrated into your current property’s roof or attached to your property as an extension to your living space. As an extension, frameless retractable roofs offer a seamless transition from indoor living to outdoor living. 

Retractable louvre roof with frame 

The retractable louvre roof with frame is built with vertical posts, similar to a traditional pergola. However, this structure is more advanced when it comes to weather protection, as the roof can change depending on the weather, tilting or closing when needed. When implemented with glass screens these retractable louvre roofs also offer higher thermal insulation and stability than traditional awnings or pergolas, making them ideal for relaxation throughout the seasons. 

Retractable pitched louvre roofs 

The final variation of louvre roofs is the retractable and pitched louvre roof. This structure is slanted, allowing water from rainfall to easily drain. The design also creates a sleek look for any property including a restaurant, hotel, or residential building. 

We have created an extensive selection of louvre roofs at Designer Shade Solutions Ireland, ensuring there is something for everyone. If you want to find out more about our structures and install your retractable roof in Ireland, then contact us today and begin relaxing outside no matter the weather!