Types of retractable glass roofs

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retractable glass roofs

Retractable roof systems are an excellent way to provide shelter and comfort from changing weather conditions. They add aesthetic appeal to any property and can adapt following the weather, retracting for sunshine or closing to protect from rain. At Designer Shade Solutions Ireland, we have created an extensive range of retractable roof pergolas which allow you to relax outside all year round. Whether you are looking for a retractable fabric roof, roof louvres or retractable awnings Northern Ireland, we have all you could need!    

Today, we are going to explore our selection of modern retractable glass roofs, which are ideal for hospitality, commercial outlets, residential properties or even a hot tub or pool cover.    

Retractable Clear Sky roof   

The retractable Clear Sky glass roof is a luxurious shading structure which enhances natural lighting and offers a functional solution for year-round weather protection. This design uses a SecurTrak™ rail system which allows you to open and close the retractable roof with ease.   

The retractable Clear Sky roof is an ideal structure to be integrated into custom-built outdoor areas. Do you have an outdoor pool in need of a versatile shelter? Perhaps you are looking to add a retractable glass roof to your rooftop restaurant. With the retractable Clear Sky structures, you can create a spacious feel to your property, increasing property value and adding an engaging architectural element to your space.   

Retractable Solaglide Glass roof   

The retractable Solaglide glass roof is designed for separate outdoor spaces like patios, terraces, rooftop bars, pools and restaurants. This structure provides an excellent way to embrace panoramic views, maximise natural lighting and increase the appearance of your space. Our Solaglide glass roof can be seamlessly connected to the side of your property, adding aesthetic appeal, alongside a practical solution to weather protection and shelter. Another great advantage of the fully insulated Solaglide glass roof is that it provides up to 75% clear open space and insulated comfort when closed, allowing you to enjoy your retractable roof pergola all year round.   

What are the other benefits of glass roofs?   

There are many other benefits that you can garner from our elegant retractable glass structures too. For example, these shading systems can be made with different types of glass, including polycarbonate glass, single-glazing glass or double-glazing glass, giving you plenty of options to choose from.

What is even better is that we offer a variety of customisable features, which allow to you elevate your pergola with retractable roof to the next level. Do you want to add LED lighting to your structure? We can help create an evening ambience with a range of coloured LED lights which can be integrated into your retractable roof. Perhaps you want to enhance the feeling of warmth and comfort. We can add bespoke vertical glass systems or incorporate heating to your structure, uplifting the feel of relaxation all year round. To find out more about our products, get in contact with us and we can begin creating your ideal shading structure.