Types of retractable fabric awnings

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retractable fabric awning

At Designer Shade Solutions, we provide a wide range of retractable fabric awnings, customised for all your shading needs. Awnings are an excellent way to offer shade and protection against the elements, whilst still adding a high level of visual appeal to your property. Want to know which retractable awning is right for you? Let’s explore the different options available at Designer Shade Solutions Ireland.   

Standard Retractable Awning- Half Cassette  

Firstly, the retractable half cassette awning is one of our most classic and standard designs. This structure has half a cassette that sits above the roll of fabric, thus offering protection from rain and dirt. You can sit under one of these awnings in the summer to have shade and protection from harsh UV rays, and during the colder months, you will be sheltered from rainfall. sheltering from rainfall in the colder months.   

Square Cassette Folding Arm Awning  

The square cassette folding arm awning features a square-shaped cassette, with a fabric awning arm that folds over to create added shade and comfort. This structure encompasses a folding arm which can span up to 13 meters wide, supporting a 4-meter projection. We also have square mini cassette folding arm awnings available too, for a smaller version of this design.   

Round Cassette Folding Arm Awning  

You can also purchase our folding arm awnings with a round cassette design if this is the style you prefer. Our round cassette folding arm awnings are certified at a wind class of 2, meaning they can withstand winds of around 20mph. For further customisation, you can even integrate these structures with heating or lighting, adding an extra modern element. Again, this design is available in a smaller structure – the round mini cassette folding arm awning.  

Conservatory awning  

Next up, we have the conservatory awning which, obviously, is ideal for conservatories in need of shade. This structure can help to reduce heat and glare entering the conservatory, maintaining an optimal temperature, whilst also adding aesthetic design. The awning can be placed on top of the conservatory roof, spanning up to 5.5 meters wide and supporting a 3-meter projection.   

You can also find conservatory zip awnings and conservatory zip awnings with posts at Designer Shade Solutions, which are perfect if you are searching for a pergola awning. These awnings use a structure similar to a pergola and can be attached to the side of your conservatory to create shade and protection.  

Drop arm awnings  

Another option is our drop arm awnings, which are ideal for smaller shading spots like windows or shop fronts. If you own a commercial property, these structures could be an excellent way to add visual appeal to your building whilst also creating an ambient temperature.   

Markisolette awning   

Finally, our new and innovative design, the Markisolette awning. This is a perfect shading solution for offices or apartment blocks. This external blind awning maximises your interiors while also creating a multi-functional weather solution.  

Find out more   

Our range of retractable fabric awnings is extensive, so you are bound to find a design perfect for you. If there is a certain vision you have in mind as well as implementing additional custom features, our team can also work to create a bespoke product. In case you want to find out more, call us today on +353 87334 7352 or email us at Whether you are looking for awnings Northern Ireland or awnings Dublin, we can help! Why not also explore our range of retractable roof systems for further inspiration when it comes to all-purpose weather solutions.