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Innovative, modern and functional integrated Retractable Roof System

Retractable Motorised Roof Pergola Awning London Commercial Architecture Outdoor
Retractable Motorised Roof Pergola Awning London Commercial Architecture Outdoor

A Modern Choice

Exceptional Flexibility

The Designer Shade Solutions retractable bioclimatic pergola system is a modern choice that adds value to outdoor living areas, it brightens the look of home, restaurant, hotel or cafe with a touch in luxury combined with the ultimate functionality. The frameless louvre system is designed to integrate into custom built outdoor areas of our client’s design. Whether fitting into a timber pergola or a open void over an outdoor living room or restaurant the retractable louvre system can integrate into the design. In changing weather conditions, the louvre provides exceptional flexibility with open air living and with a high degree of visual appeal and thermal comfort.

Retractable Louvre Systems offer one of the cleanest design aesthetics and function for outdoor living. When combined with side screens and heating you can create a outdoor rooms which are suitable for year round dining for homes or for restaurants, cafes and hotels. Retractable roof systems for the hospitality industry most often return on investment with the increased number of patrons and diners. They also often become a pivotal business attraction as customers know they have perfect comfort whenever they visit.

Retractable Tilting Louvred Roof System Awning – Frameless

  • The systems can stand alone with their own support structure or they can be integrated into different creative architectural designs whether the goal is to achieve a heritage or contemporary design.
  • Compared to traditional awnings they offer a much higher level of stability and thermal insulation.
  • The systems are operated by the latest radio-controlled system and can be automated for reaction to Sun, Rain and Wind.
  • The louvres dimensions 180mm x 40mm are made from a special aluminium alloy which ensures exceptional strength. They form a flat and smooth ceiling and drain the rainwater to the discrete gutter in fully closed position.
  • The construction of the system with 160×160 mm post allows a high degree of resistance to strong winds and wide span between support columns. Possibility of installation as free-standing structure makes this pergola a sustainable solution for terraces, patios, balconies, pool houses, hot tubs and outdoor kitchens. Several modules can be linked to each other and even larger patio roof can be created by coupling multiple modules lengthwise.
  • The system come in the full RAL Colours and can have LED lighting, heating and Large Motorised Vertical Sliding Glass Windows or Door Systems integrated.
Retractable Motorised Roof Pergola Awning London Commercial Architecture Outdoor

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