Transform your outdoor dining experience with a louvre roof

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Outdoor dining always sounds like a great idea and it’s something we all enjoy doing abroad, however, back at home it’s not quite the same. The weather has a hugely influential impact on our alfresco dining experience, with the cold and rain deterring customers and guests away from enjoying the outside air. That’s where we come in! At Designer Shade Solutions, we have created a wide range of retractable roof pergolas designed for outdoor entertainment and relaxation all year round, so that you can focus on enjoying your meal without worrying about how the weather may turn.

Retractable and tilting louvre roofs

One of our most popular and ideal resolutions to make outdoor dining more enjoyable is the retractable and tilting louvre roofs. These retractable roofs feature retractable and tilting roof slabs which can tilt to create shade, open to enjoy the sun or close to protect from the rain, showing their versatility and adaptability throughout the seasons.

This tilting mechanism maximises optimal air flow for customers and guests, which is perfect for the warmer days. These technical capabilities are further amplified by the optional use of radio control systems to help operate your retractable and tilting louvre roof, making outdoor dining easier and more enjoyable than ever.

We provide these shading structures for every potential design idea which is why they are available as a frameless retractable louvre roof system, retractable tilting louvred roof system awning with frame and retractable louvre pitched roof. Alongside this, you can have your louvre roof constructed as a stand-alone piece outside your property or attached to part of the building to create a patio/terrace alfresco effect.

What are the other benefits?

Retractable roof pergolas also add property value to residential houses too, making them the perfect solution for all outdoor dining scenarios.

Take it a step further by customising your retractable louvre roof with heating, LED lighting, glass side screens or windows to extend the element of outdoor comfort. We can also match every potential design aspect as our roof louvres are available in all RAL colours, helping to create the perfect shading solution for you.

Complete the alfresco experience

The finishing touches for ideal outdoor dining could include adding some ambience with music, candles, additional decorations and comfortable dining furniture. If this sounds like what you have been searching for call us today on +353 87334 7352 or email us at and begin enjoying the alfresco experience!