The best retractable fabric roof designs

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Retractable and tilting louvre roofs, bespoke retractable roofs, retractable glass roofs, there are so many options to choose from but what are the best retractable fabric roof designs? At Designer Shade Solutions Ireland, we have an endless range of retractable fabric roofs, creating beautiful, multi-functional designs which can uplift any commercial or residential property. Our retractable fabric roofs can either retract when the sun is shining or close to shelter from wind and rain, leaving you comfortable in every scenario. Let’s take a closer look at the different fabric roofs we have available at Designer Shade Solutions so that you can decide which is best for you.   

Retractable Fabric Roof Nova system   

Firstly, the retractable Nova fabric roof is an innovative, weather-resistant design. This structure features a 7-meter roof projection with waterproof materials to protect users from harsh weather conditions. When the roof is open you can increase sunlight exposure and airflow, providing a comfortable environment for users. Our shading systems can also be attached to other retractable roofs, so if you have a larger area to cover, we can create a bespoke structure to fit! To further ensure the longevity of your structure, connect the retractable roof with post and gutter systems for optimal water drainage.    

Retractable frameless 10m projection fabric roof   

The retractable frameless 10-meter supported projection is a heavy-duty roof which can sustain various weather conditions. These roofs are an ideal shading solution for restaurants, bars, and cafes, and again they can be customised and extended to suit the space that you need. You could enhance your retractable fabric roof by adding heating systems, LED lighting or vertical glass systems to create an ambient and warm atmosphere throughout the year.   

Retractable 10m projection fabric roof   

As well as our frameless retractable fabric roofs, you can find our retractable roofs with frames too, like the retractable 10m projection fabric roof, allowing you to choose the design aesthetic that you have envisioned. This structure provides the perfect open-air living solution throughout the changing seasons, allowing users to enjoy maximum comfort and relaxation.    

Retractable fabric roof with flat fabric and frame   

Next up is our retractable fabric roof with flat fabric and frame which uses a self-supporting retractable roof system and flat fabric roof awning to create a dramatic, modern design. This versatile structure can span up to 8 meters in flat projection, covering users from the ever-changing weather conditions. If you are looking for a sleek and dynamic design, this may be the best option for you.   

Retractable fabric roof with structural curved frame   

Another excellent choice when looking for the best retractable roof design is our retractable fabric roof with a structural curved frame. As it says in the name, this structure uses a modern curved design to create outstanding flexibility. The curved structure not only provides high visual appeal but also offers a practical solution to water drainage. You can find our structural curved frame as the single system and the double system. The single system can span up to 11 meters in projection, whilst the double system can span up to 22 meters. Again, you can also attach these systems together to cover unique, large spaces.   

Retractable fabric roofs special projects   

The final option is our specialist, bespoke retractable systems. Do you have a specific design idea in mind? With our retractable fabric roofs special projects, our team can help to create your bespoke vision. This could include building a pergola for an obscure space, integrating custom features, extending a structure for a large outdoor area, or adding colour. Speak with our team to discuss your retractable roof pergola ideas and begin creating your dream shading structure. You may also want to take a closer look at our retractable glass roofs or our retractable louvre roofs, for further options and ideas.   

With an extensive selection of retractable fabric roofs available, we offer a variety of innovative weather-protecting solutions that can also boost property value and add aesthetic appeal. So, which is the best retractable fabric roof design for you?