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Retractable Roofs – More Venue More People More Fun

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Retractable Systems mean more covers and clientele for Restaurants, Pubs and Clubs. In the hospitality business’ competition for bums on seats after Food, Service and Location there are some other secret weapons to keep a food and beverage business the talk of the town. 

After Moet Chandon and Smirnoff have done their promotion Nights and you have had Idris Alba and Boy George in as Celebrity DJs what else can you do. 

People love to drink and dine outdoors show them sky, show them the view and give them that open air feeling. In London and around the world many of the top venues are using their open-air spaces to attract the paying crowds. Everyone loves a Beer Garden, at roof top bar or a Dining Terrace. The only Problem is it all goes a bit south when the clouds and the bad weather rolls in. 

Retractable systems give you the best of both worlds. As soon as there is a hint of warm weather roll back a retractable roof or open some vertical glass windows. If the weather comes back push a button and everyone is sheltered again. 

There are different systems to suit different needs light weight fabric awnings systems, flexible retractable louvre systems and full-scale double-glazed glass roofs and structures. All systems can be integrated into custom architectural designs or be free standing and separate form adjacent buildings. 

Instead of cancelling functions or having everyone jam into small undercover areas when the rain comes put your roof out and “Keep Calm and Carry On” 

Designer Shade likes to visit Moet Chandon nights and listen to Idris Alba and Boy George but most of all we like designing the systems that keep the revellers happy and stop Venue owners being out of pocket because of bad weather. Hope to see you under one of our roofs soon.