Retractable roofs in Trim

Transform your exterior space with a retractable roof pergola




Looking for a retractable roof pergola in Trim? Well then look no further! At Designer Shade Solutions Ireland, we have an extensive range of retractable roofs available which can truly transform your outdoor space. Whether you live near Trim Castle or own a restaurant along the River Boyne, a retractable pergola could be just what you need to uplift your external space! Contact us today to find out more about our products and services. 

We have a wide selection of retractable roof pergolas available at Designer Shade Solutions, including retractable louvre roofs, retractable glass roofs and retractable fabric roofs, so you are bound to find a design that suits your needs. If you don’t, we can even create bespoke designs, helping to build a structure which perfectly meets your specification. The retractable louvre roofs are a popular option, as their innovative design can combat any weather condition. This structure is made from a panelled roof which can tilt to create shade, open to maximise sunlight or close to shelter from warmth. Not only this, but the retractable louvre roofs are available in three different design variations so you can choose which is right for you. Would you like a frameless retractable louvre roof, a retractable louvre roof with frame or perhaps a retractable and tilting louvre roof pitched system? There are endless options to choose from! 

In addition, our retractable glass roofs add an elegant touch to any property, increasing property value and drawing in more guests or customers. These roofs are known for increasing natural lighting, helping to elevate a building that otherwise looks small and dark. So, if you live near the Trim Cathedral, you might consider a retractable glass roof to enjoy these views all year round. Our retractable fabric roofs also add great visual appeal, as these structures come available in all RAL colours, allowing you to select the palette that best suits your property. To customise your pergola, you can integrate LED lighting, vertical glass systems and heating which elevate the feeling of warmth, comfort and ambience one step further. 

So, which shading structure will be the right one for you? At Designer Shade Solutions, we have been designing, creating, building, and installing these systems for over a decade, providing us with an abundance of knowledge in this area. We know how important it is to keep your outdoor space looking pristine, which is why we have crafted a beautiful range of modern and innovative designs perfect for outdoor living. You can even synch these pergolas with radio-control systems, allowing you to operate the retractable roof with the click of a button. 

Call us today on +353 87334 7352 or email us at to find your ideal pergola and begin designing your outdoor retreat. You may also be interested in our other products including our retractable awnings and our outdoor parasol umbrellas which can further help to elevate your external space.