Retractable roofs in Kinsale

Maximise outdoor comfort with a retractable roof pergola




Are you searching for a versatile shading solution in Kinsale? At Designer Shade Solutions, we supply a range of retractable roof pergolas, ideal for maximising your outdoor space no matter the weather. By installing our structures, you can relax outside when it’s raining, extremely hot or even snowing! Contact us today to find out more about our different products and services.

Our retractable and tilting louvre roofs are a popular option for both residential and commercial properties, offering aesthetics and practicality. With these structures, you can open the roof to let in sunlight, close to shelter from wind and rain or even tilt to create shade. They provide the perfect solution to relax outside all year round, helping to make your property more appealing. We also have highly technical radio-controlled systems which can be used to operate retractable roofs for added ease and comfort.

An alternative option is the retractable fabric roof, a popular choice in the hospitality sector. If you are looking to create an alfresco dining setting in your restaurant or café, this may be the perfect shading solution for you. The retractable fabric roofs are available in all RAL colours, allowing you to match the pergola to your design ideas. You could even customise your retractable roof pergola with LED lighting for added ambience, heating systems for additional comfort or sliding glass windows. Speak to our team about your creative vision and we can help to create the ideal bespoke structure.

Kinsale is full of vibrant, modern, and quirky designs, so why not add a retractable roof pergola to this stunning town? You could transform your hotel with a retractable glass roof or retractable fabric roof, engaging more customers and investment return.

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