Retractable roofs in Kilcullen

Create an outdoor retreat with a retractable roof pergola




Do you need a practical and visually appealing shading structure in Kilcullen? Have you heard of our retractable roof pergolas at Designer Shade Solutions Ireland? These shading systems offer a modern solution to relaxing outside all year long. The roofs can open and close in accordance with the weather, creating a comfortable outdoor experience in every season. If you would like to find out more about our products, get in contact today and we can help to create your bespoke structure.    

One of our most exquisite structures is the retractable glass roof, which offers added natural light to any space. These structures are also perfect at exposing panoramic views so if you live near Kilcullen Farm and Nature Trail, a retractable glass roof may be just what you need. You can find our structures in two different designs: the retractable Clear Sky glass roof or the retractable Solaglide glass roof. Glass roofs are also an ideal solution for pools or hot tub covers, as they allow you to maximise the use of your pool all year round.    

You may also be interested in our retractable fabric roofs, which come available in all RAL colours. This means that you can customise the pergola to match your property or design aesthetic. Retractable fabric roofs make an excellent addition to any hospitality outlet, helping to create an alfresco dining environment (as seen at the Dusk restaurant in Brentwood). Retractable and tilting louvre roofs are also another fantastic option. This structure is highly modern and innovative and its panelled roof system enables you to tilt the roof to create shade when desired. You can install our roof louvres in three different design aspects. This includes the frameless retractable louvre roof, the retractable louvre roof with frame or the retractable louvre roof pitched system, providing something for everyone.    

So, which retractable pergola will you be installing in Kilcullen? A louvre roof for your property by St Brigid’s Well? Perhaps you’re looking to install a retractable fabric roof for your restaurant or café? Whatever design vision you have in mind, our team can help in creating the perfect structure. You can integrate our retractable pergolas as an extension to your property or have them situated as a stand-alone piece.   

We have been installing pergola sliding roofs for over 20 years, providing us with a huge amount of expertise and knowledge in this area. If you would like to discuss your outdoor project ideas, give us a call on +353 87334 7352 or email us at You can also explore some of our other products for further inspiration when it comes to shading ideas, like our external screen blinds or our retractable fabric awnings Northern Ireland