Retractable roofs in Kerry

Add a retractable roof to enhance your outdoor space




Searching for a retractable roof pergola in Kerry, Ireland? Looking for a way to extend your outdoor space? Then look no further! At Designer Shade Solutions, we have a wide range of retractable roofs available which can help to enhance your outdoor space. Our shading structures offer protection from the elements all year round, allowing you to focus on enjoying your comfortable outdoor environment. Contact us today to find out more about our products and how we can help you in creating your ideal outdoor retreat. 

Our retractable and tilting louvre roofs are an excellent choice for modern and innovative shading. These structures feature a panelled roof which can tilt in accordance with the weather. Either open the roof up to enjoy the sunshine, close the roof when the rain starts to fall or even tilt the panelled roof to create optimum shade and comfort. You can purchase our louvre roofs in a range of models including the frameless retractable louvre roof, the retractable louvre roof with frame and the retractable and tilting pitched system. 

Other shading options include our retractable glass roofs and our retractable fabric roofs, which again offer all year round weather protection. The retractable fabric roof is a great option for hospitality outlets looking to expand their dining experience. The Dusk restaurant in Brentwood in fact used a fully retractable fabric roof with vertical glass systems to create an alfresco dining spot for customers. You can even integrate your pergola with custom features such as LED lighting or heating to add a further element of warmth and protection. 

Kerry is laden with outstanding scenery including the Ring of Kerry, Killarney National Park, the Gap of Dunloe and far more. If you live nearby any of these stunning views, a retractable glass roof may be an excellent shading solution to enhance your surroundings. Retractable glass roofs are known for increasing natural lighting, showcasing panoramic views and helping to make a space appear bigger so they are a fantastic way to transform your outdoor space. 

If this sounds like the pergola with retractable roof you have been searching for, contact us today. We have been installing these structures for over a decade, providing us with an abundance of expertise and knowledge in modern and unique shading designs. We can install retractable roofs in Cork, retractable roofs in Galway and many other areas throughout Ireland, so allow us to add you to our list of happy customers! Get in touch today by calling us at +353 873347352.