Retractable roof in Clondalkin

Enjoy the outdoor air throughout the seasons with a retractable roof




Do you need an outdoor shading structure that will last you through summer, winter, autumn, and spring? Have you considered a retractable roof pergola? At Designer Shade Solutions Ireland we install retractable roof pergolas to help you relax and enjoy your outdoor space all year round. We can install retractable roofs in Dublin, retractable roofs in Cork and many other areas throughout Ireland and Northern Ireland. Contact us today to find out more about our products and begin creating your ideal outdoor space. 

Retractable and tilting louvre roofs are one of our popular options at Designer Shade Solutions. These structures are formed of a panelled roof which tilts and opens in accordance with the weather. For instance, when the sun is out open your roof for maximum sunlight and warmth, and when the rain starts to fall close the roof entirely. This means that you can still enjoy the outdoors without the worry of getting wet. Another great feature with our retractable louvre roofs is that you can tilt the panelled roof to create optimum shade, providing a comfortable shading experience. Take it a step further by using our futuristic radio-control systems to help operate the motion of your pergola, so that you can focus on relaxing with ease. 

Perhaps you’re looking for a retractable structure that brings in light and space to your property. A retractable glass roof may be the solution for you. These systems help to bring in an abundance of natural light whilst also embracing the surrounding views and scenery. So, if you own a property overlooking the countryside why not install a retractable glass roof? These structures are also great for covers over pools or hot tubs creating a perfectly sheltered out house for you to enjoy swimming! If a glass structure isn’t what you are looking for, we also have retractable fabric roofs available. These structures are known for adding increased visual appeal to a property, creating an inviting space for guests or customers. 

One of the most popular features in Clondalkin is the round tower, a focal point in the town. Do you live nearby? Maybe a retractable glass roof would be a perfect way to encapsulate the views of this building. Our retractable roof pergolas can be installed as a stand-alone piece in your outdoor space, or attached to the end of your property, depending on your design ideas. We also have a range of customisable features which you can integrate into your pergola. This could include adding heating systems, LED lighting or glass side screens for further warmth and comfort. Whatever vision you have, we can help to achieve it. 

Give us a call today on +353 87334 7352 or email us at to find out more about our products and services. We have been creating and installing shading solutions for over a decade, giving us a huge amount of knowledge and expertise when it comes to these structures. Allow us to help formulate your ideal outdoor sanctuary and start relaxing outside all year round.