Retractable roof in Clane

Relax all year round with a retractable roof pergola




Searching for a pergola with retractable roof in Clane? At Designer Shade Solutions Ireland we offer a wide range of retractable roof pergolas which are ideal for relaxing outside no matter the weather. We have been installing and creating our shading structures for over 20 years, so we have an abundance of knowledge when it comes to versatile shading solutions. Allow us to help with your outdoor project by creating a bespoke pergola design perfect for you. 

Retractable and tilting louvre roofs are one of our popular retractable pergolas. These structures use a panelled roof which can tilt in accordance with the weather. So, when it is sunny open the roof up to enjoy the rays and when it starts to rain close the roof entirely. With this highly innovative design you can also create ideal shade by tilting the louvre roof to your desire. Take it a step further by customising your pergola with features such as integrating heating, LED lighting or additional glass side screens for added warmth, comfort, and ambience. Our structures are available in a variation of materials and designs including wood, aluminium, and glass, so you are bound to find a pergola that suits you.

As well as retractable and tilting louvre roofs, we also have a selection of retractable fabric roofs on offer at Designer Shade Solutions. These pergola structures use a fabric waterproof roof to protect from rain and UV rays. You can open the roof up when the sun is out and easily close the roof when it is not. Our retractable fabric roofs have a high level of stability and durability, ensuring they can withstand harsh winds. You could implement one of these structures as a stand-alone piece or as an extension to your property. For example, why not add a retractable fabric roof to the end of your restaurant to create an alfresco dining experience? With our highly technical and futuristic radio control systems, you can also operate your pergola with the click of a button! Relaxing outside has never been easier.

So, do you own a restaurant by Abbeyfield Farm in Clane? Have you considered a retractable fabric roof to enhance your dining space and draw in more customers? Perhaps you own a property by River Liffey Walk. This waterside walk is full of stunning scenery and a retractable glass roof would be an ideal way to encapsulate these views. Our range of retractable roof pergolas are guaranteed to increase property value and for business owners, you will see an increase in investment return when installing one of these structures.

Contact us today to find out more about these products and begin creating your ideal outdoor sanctuary. You can call us on +353 87334 7352 or email us at for a quote and booking. If you are interested in the other products we have available, then why not explore our retractable fabric awnings or our external blinds for more.