Retractable roof in Blackrock

Uplift your property with a retractable roof




Do you need a retractable roof pergola in Blackrock? A way to relax outside and enjoy your external space no matter the weather? Then, get in contact with us at Designer Shade Solutions Ireland. We provide a range of retractable shading structures ideal for every type of weather that may come your way! These structures can be customised to suit your design ideas, so whether you want a retractable roof pergola for your garden, restaurant, or hotel we can help meet your vision. 

Retractable glass roofs are one of our popular structures at Designer Shade Solutions. These are ideal for covers over pools or hot tubs as they increase the use of your pool all year-round. So, even when it’s raining you can simply close the roof and relax in your pool pretending it’s the summer! These retractable roofs have many other purposes too, they can be implemented as a standalone piece or as an extension to a property, helping to increase natural lighting and expose surrounding views. Explore our different retractable glass roofs including the retractable glass Clear Sky roof or the retractable Solaglide glass roof to find the perfect structure for you. 

For shading structures in the hospitality sector, retractable fabric roofs are an excellent choice. These structures can be opened to enjoy the sunshine or closed to shelter from wind and rain, meaning customers can enjoy their meals or drinks without worrying about the weather. The Dusk Restaurant in Brentwood is one example of our successful case studies who used a fully retractable fabric roof with vertical glass systems to create an alfresco dining experience for customers. They customised their pergola with vertical glass screens and lighting to create extra shelter and ambience. You can also integrate your retractable roof pergola with heating to add warmth and comfort throughout every season.  

Blackrock Park would be an ideal location to install a retractable roof pergola, like a retractable glass roof to help expose the surrounding views. Perhaps you own a commercial property on Grafton Street that could use a retractable louvre roof to drawn in customers and increase investment return. Our structures are known to add property value alongside visual appeal and practicality, so they really are the perfect way to enjoy your outdoor space all year round. 

Contact us today to start creating your perfect, bespoke structure. You can reach us on mobile by calling +353 87334 7352 or email us at for more information about our products and services. We have been installing these structures for over a decade, providing us with an abundance of knowledge and expertise so allow us to help with your outdoor sanctuary!