Retractable Glass Structures

Maximum Exposure, clear vision, the ultimate luxury retractable Solution

Maximum Exposure, clear vision

the ultimate luxury retractable Solution

Our retractable glass structures offer the ultimate solution to experience open air dining and entertainment while being comfortable inside an indoor area. These clear and modern structures allow customers and visitors to enjoy panoramic views while being sheltered from the weather changes.

We can provide standalone retractable glass structures or create bespoke retractable weatherproof structures tailored to your style and function requirements. We have various options available, including single glazed, double glazed or polycarbonate glass structures.

We can work with you and your design team to perfectly fit our systems into your residential or commercial project. These glass structures are ideal for restaurant and bar roofs, pool rooms, shopping centre atriums, and more. Speak to our team today to discuss your budget, heat and installation requirements.

Our most popular retractable glass structures include the retractable glass ClearSky skylights and retractable glass Solaglide skylights. These are elegant, modern and highly practical roof solutions that offer the perfect combination between indoor and outdoor living, plus these also maximise natural light and make rooms feel larger.

Retractable Glass Structures Clear Sky

Retractable Glass Skylights – Clear Sky

The ultimate outdoor roof for all year round use for your outdoor area

Retractable Glass Structures – Solaglide Glass

The most spectacular glass skylight system for all year round use

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