Retractable Glass Structures - Lean-To

The ultimate outdoor extension for all year round use for your outdoor area

Retractable Glass Structures Lean To
Retractable Glass Structures Lean To

The Ultimate Outdoor Extension

Year Round Use

The ultimate outdoor extension for all year round use for your outdoor area. Engage the best of both worlds. Enjoy the Sun when it shines and then quickly change to complete coverage when the weather turns.

Restaurants, Bars and Cafes and ensure they keep their covers and book functions with confidence. Allow patrons to see the view and the stars in an all-weather under a spectacular glass structure. Create a talked about dining experience to rage across the internet and social media. For Spaces light roof top bar customers can take in wide panoramic views.

An indoor-outdoor pool might be the different between four and five stars for a leading hotel. Allow guest to enjoy summer life in the fair-weather months or be comfortable by the pool during winter.

Our Retractable glass structures connect seamlessly to the side of your building and run on their own easy gliding track system which allows the the system to be easily rolled out or away with the changing weather.


Retractable Glass Structures – Lean-To

  • Designed to provide an operable multi-purpose extension to an existing building or structure.
  • Ideal for restaurants, cafés, smaller convention centres, reception halls, and swimming pools.
  • Extensive door and window options to provide access and ventilation without opening the system.
  • Manual or motorized, utilizing SecurTrak™ system for structural safety and ease of use.
  • The flexibility of an indoor or outdoor living experience in the same area.
  • Provides a spacious feel that can be easily integrated into architectural designs.
  • Side walls and sectional modular transparent design.

The systems are manufactured site specifically and according to user needs from 3 base models. Lean-To systems are environment friendly as Free-Standing structures with their high insulation and sustainability features.

Lean-To systems need an existing structure such as a building or steel support to install it’s wall rails. Lean-To systems act as a part of the existing structure, to provide a roof and wall cover that can retract to the sides. Different from Free-Standing and other retractable structures Lean-To systems can be integrated with a TeleGlide™ (Trackless) system depending on the span of the installed system.

The system can start from 2 segmented profiles (EL) and go up to 3 segmented profiles (VL), also there is a hybrid solution of FreeStanding and LeanTo systems.

Generic Technical Information
Profile: Special Design Libart T, C or U type / AA 6063-T6
Glazing: Insulated glass / Single Glass / Polycarbonate
Retraction: Motorized or Manuel (depending on system weight)
Maximum Span: 20m (65′)
Color: RAL Powder Coat

Retractable Glass Structures Lean To


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