Retractable Glass Clear Sky Skylights

The ultimate outdoor roof for all year round use

Retractable Glass Structures Clear Sky
Retractable Glass Structures Clear Sky

The Ultimate Choice

Complete Coverage

Our ClearSky retractable glass skylight systems are a modern skylight choice that offers a touch of luxury combined with supreme functionality. It allows you and guests to enjoy an indoor/outdoor area all year round.

With its SecurTrak™ rail system, these glass roof systems can be easily opened or closed, depending on the weather. Our ClearSky systems are ideal to be integrated into custom built outdoor areas, such as outdoor living rooms, pool rooms or restaurant terraces.


Retractable Glass Skylights – Clear Sky

  • A modern and flexible weatherproof solution to enjoy your open space all year round.
  • Its clear glass design provides a spacious feel to any property.
  • Resistant to snow and wind loads.
  • Can be integrated into any property or custom build.
  • Runs on an easy gliding track system, SecurTrak™.
  • Motorised retraction made by 24VDC, 220 or 380 VAC motors.
  • Perfect for commercial spaces that require a retractable clear roof.
  • Comprehensive selection of operating options.
  • Systems are manufactured according to the customer requirements from 7 base models.
  • Two main models available: FB model features a first profile of 90 degrees to the roof and 7B model that features 70 degrees first profile position to the roof.
  • Our ClearSky skylight system options depend on the span of the roof opening. The system can start with 2 segmented profiles (A7B) and go up to 8 segmented profiles (V7B).

Generic Technical Information
Profile: Special Design Libart T, C or U type / AA 6063-T6
Glazing: Insulated glass / Single Glass / Polycarbonate
Retraction: Motorized or Manuel (depending on system weight)
Maximum Span: 18m (59′)
Color: RAL Powder Coat

Retractable Glass Structures Clear Sky


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