Retractable Fabric Roof - Structural Frame 10m projection

A modern choice that adds value to outdoor living areas

Retractable Fabric Roof Awning Systems
Retractable Fabric Roof Awning Systems

A Modern Choice

Exceptional Flexibility

Our structural frame retractable fabric roofs are capable of covering large outdoor areas of up to 10 metres. These systems can also be linked together side-by-side endlessly to cover wider spaces. These are the right choice for commercial establishments.

With minimal framing, these retractable roof systems will not only add function and practicality to outdoor spaces but will also add further value and visual appeal to properties. Contact us today to discuss the best shade and weather solution for your project.


Retractable Fabric Roof Awning System – Structural Frame 10m Projection

  • Large weather and shade protection for outdoor areas.
  • Can expand up to 10 metres.
  • Perfect balance between style and function.
  • Ideal for commercial spaces, such as restaurants, cafes and hotels.
  • Combine systems side-by-side to protect wider spaces from the changing weather conditions.
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