Lost In Brixton

Fully retractable fabric roof systems




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Fully Retractable Fabric Roof Systems

Lost in Brixton is a unique rooftop bar hidden between the Brixton train station and the Brixton Village Market. The main feature of this bar, besides its jungle-feel and tropical theme, is the retractable roof system by Designer Shade Solutions.

Designer Shade Solutions worked closely together with the venue owners and The Halo Group to produce this bespoke shade and weather protection system. The retractable roof was specially crafted to fit into the custom-designed roof, creating 8m x 8m clear roof openings that can extend or retract, depending on the weather.

Come winter or come summer, Lost in Brixton is the perfect place to escape the winter blues, or bask in the summer sun as it is fully covered and protected from the elements, as Lost in Brixton mentions on their website.