Retractable Fabric Roof System Awning

Innovative, modern and functional outdoor patio solution

Innovative, modern and functional

Outdoor patio solution

Our retractable fabric roof system awnings offer the ideal balance between design and function. These offer a weatherproof retractable and tilting roof that shields outdoor areas from the changing weather conditions. To enjoy the sun, the roof can be easily opened, for some shade, it can be tilted and for protection against rain, it can be closed.

These are the perfect solution for any outdoor space in domestic or commercial settings, such as restaurant patios, home gardens, hotel terraces, apartment balconies and more. Besides offering shade and protection against the elements, these systems will add further value to your property and enhance the visual appeal of your outdoor area.

Our retractable shade systems can be attached to your property as an extension of your current space or as a standalone structure in your outdoor space. These can be custom-made to suit the look of your property and to perfectly fit the space you’ve got.

When combined with side screens, heating and lighting, these systems can create an outdoor space suitable to be used all year round, no matter the weather. For businesses, such as restaurants, hotels and cafes, it’s essential to have space outdoors that offers indoor comfort for visitors and guests to enjoy.

These retractable roof systems feature a high level of stability, weather protection and a minimal pitched roof to easily drain rainwater. These are easy-to-use systems that can be automated to react to sun, rain and wind.

Retractable Fabric Roof Awning Systems

Retractable Fabric Roof System – Nova

A touch in luxury combined with the ultimate functionality

Retractable Fabric Roof Awning System– Frameless 10m Supported Projection

Create all year-round protection

Retractable Fabric Roof Awning System – Structural Frame 10m Projection

Create dramatic outdoor spaces with our system

Retractable Roof System with Flat Fabric and Frame

Leading retractable awning design

Retractable Fabric Roof Awning System – Structural Curved Frame

Outstanding flexibility for large outdoor dining areas

Retractable Fabric Roof Awning System– Special Projects

Create unique integrated seamless functional designs

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