External Screen Blinds

Optimal heat protection and unsurpassed light control

Control Heat and Light

With a Range of External Screen Blinds

Our external screen blinds are the perfect shade solution for commercial and domestic environments, offering optimal light control and heat protection. These modern blinds let in sunlight while minimising uncomfortable greenhouse effects.

External blinds are designed to stop heat before it enters through the glass, helping to maintain an ambient and comfortable indoor temperature. These blinds are three times more effective than internal blinds plus, maximise indoor spaces.

These weatherproof blinds are unaffected by extreme temperature changes and can reduce sunlight’s penetration by up to 90 per cent, being the perfect solution for office blocks to achieve good environmental ratings. Residential properties can also be enhanced with our minimalistic external screen blinds.

Our blind systems can be integrated with automated weather-sensing building controls that will automatically open or close blinds depending on the weather conditions. UV-resistant components can also be integrated into our systems to further extend the product’s life.

Discover our range of external screen blinds today. This collection includes basic external façade roller blinds, cassette external blinds with guide cables, cassette external blinds with aluminium guides, cassette external and internal zip blinds and tensioned blind systems. We can also provide bespoke solutions to perfectly fit your project – contact our team to discuss your requirements.

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Basic Façade Roller Blind

Control Heat and Light with our Range of External façade Screens

Cassette External Blind with Guide Cables

Providing optimal heat protection and unsurpassed light control

Cassette External Blind with Aluminium Guides

Perfect for domestic or commercial environments

Cassette External Blind with Zip Guides

Perfect for domestic or commercial environments

Tensioned Blind Systems

More than three times more effective than internal blinds

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