External screen blinds- what are they and how can I use them?

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external screen blinds

Many of us are familiar with internal blinds. These blinds are an effective solution for blocking out sunlight and keeping your room dark when needed. Internal blinds are a popular choice for residential properties in bedrooms to prevent light from entering when you are trying to get some much-needed rest.  

Have you heard of external blinds? Also known as pergola roller blinds, these systems are a lot less common, but they still create a modern and innovative solution to light and temperature control. At Designer Shade Solutions Ireland, we have a wide range of external screen blinds from Basic Facade Roller Blinds to Tensioned Blind Systems and much more. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about outdoor blinds and how you can use them.  

How do external blinds work? 

The main purpose of external blinds is to reduce heat and sunlight glare entering your building. Our blinds can reduce sunlight penetration by up to 90%, creating a comfortable, ambient environment for commercial spaces like offices, hotels, and even residential buildings. This sophisticated design provides an effective energy-saving solution.  

For instance, during the summer months, our retractable blinds can be used to reduce the heat entering the property thus allowing you to save money on expensive air conditioning units. Conversely, in the winter you can use our external blinds to stop heat from escaping the room, reducing the need for heating systems. 

The makeup of an external blind 

External blinds can sustain harsh weather conditions, making them highly durable. For instance, these blinds are made from waterproof and UV-resistant materials, enabling them to withstand strong forecasts and last longer. You can integrate our external screen blinds with automated weather-sensing controls so that they easily adapt to the changing conditions outside.  

These are a futuristic and effective solution that can bring great benefits to your office space, hotel or even your bedroom! Instead of sitting at your desk with the sun glaring in, use an external blind to eliminate harsh rays, creating a comfortable temperature and environment. Our Cassette External and Internal Zip Blinds help to disguise the sunlight even further by using zip guides to block light from entering at either side.  

If this sounds like the product you need, contact our team today and we can help to install these beautiful blinds. We have many other shading products available too like retractable roof pergolas and retractable fabric awnings which may also be of interest