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Awning, External Blind and Retractable Pergola Systems



We create innovative outdoor spaces for living, entertaining and delivering comfort and ambiance for dining customers.
We strive to enhance the feeling of space and natural experience of spending time outside in all seasons. Using the leading products in Kinetic Architecture we make buildings and open spaces move with the changing seasonal environments. We deliver an extraordinary experience that outdoor space enables. We are passionate, and slightly obsessed, with Design and Delivery to give our clients the best Customer Service and Lifetime Products we can. Our Customers seek the best lifestyle products and the best business products and we provide a dynamic end-to-end service.
We use the leading manufacturers of Motorised Retractable Glass, Fabric and Aluminium Awning and Screen Systems to stand alone or be integrated into our clients designs.

Automated, Flexible Control

The use of waterproof motorised retractable fabric awnings, retractable fabric roof systems and Sliding Glass Roofs create flexible outdoor terrace and patio dining spaces which enhance entertaining areas and create guaranteed seating for hotel and pubs in all-weather conditions. Outdoor weather protection in these pergola systems can be further enhance by Vertical Glass screens with double glazing and Gas and electric heating systems. The ultimate result is maximising the comfort of the outdoor entertaining experience in London and the UK.

For lightweight streamlined horizontal outdoor protection Retractable folding arm awnings and conservatory awning systems are one of the most aesthetically pleasing ways to provide sun protection. Their advantages mean minimal impact on building design.

For commercial buildings and buildings with extensive glass or low sun issues motorised retractable venetian blinds or motorised retractable external blinds or screens provide high function sun and energy control for a building by minimising heat and energy gain. When connected with building control systems the blinds systems can be automated or controlled via tablet, smart phone or via larger building management system.


We are Experts in Providing the Extraordinary Experience that Outdoor Space Enables


Over 20 Years Expertise

Designer Shade Solutions bring over 20 years expertise in designing and installing custom motorised retractable shading and all-weather systems from around the world. We offer an end to end design and construction service which meet and exceed all UK industry standards. Our inhouse designers and engineers ensure that our installations meet the functional and aesthetic specifications.

Designer Shade Solutions Service London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Southampton, Cardiff and the whole of the UK with Branches in Dublin, Ireland and Sydney, Australia as well. Our clients include: Pubs and hotels with outdoor dining, terrace and patio areas with a requirement for retractable glass, fabric or aluminium louvred roof pergola systems or outdoor umbrellas. For Councils and Large commercial businesses, we provide large retractable systems, Outdoor umbrellas as well as large custom-made tension membrane or fabric structures. For multi-story buildings we provide motorised external retractable façade systems such as external fabric blinds and external venetian blinds combines with sun building control systems to reduce building heat load and create optimal working and living spaces for occupants.

For our residential clients we extend and enhance their outdoor dining and living spaces with motorised retractable glass sliding roof systems and skylights, Fabric retractable roof systems, louvred roof pergola systems, Conservatory Sun Roof systems and Retractable Motorised Folding Arm Awning Systems.


See How Designer Shade Solutions Can Help

To see how Designer Shade Solutions can assist in integrating our systems into your project, please feel free to contact us to review your project and design a create solution for the ultimate retractable shading and all-weather solution.